Norco is one of several brand names for the combination of Tylenol and hydrocodone which is also known as Vicodin, Lortab and Norco. Norco is a narcotic with the same properties as other opioids like heroin and morphine. Norco is prescribed for pain because like other narcotics, it blocks the transmission of pain in the brain and spinal cord. This makes Norco very effective but also makes it very risky for abuse and addiction. There is no shortage of statistics surrounding abuse of Norco and other prescription narcotics. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 4 million Americans reported using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes in 1999 and pain relievers such as Norco where the largest category by a large margin.

Scripts has been treating clients suffering from dependency on prescription drugs like Norco for many years. We hope that if you have found this page it is to find out what you can do to reduce and stop using Norco. If this prescription drug or a combination of other prescription drugs has taken over your life we can help.

Scripts has recently dedicated an exclusive facility to the treatment of prescription pill addictions. We have separated out our alcoholic and street drug facilities to address the specific needs and behaviors of those who have found themselves in the vicious cycle of dependency on prescriptions.

If you wish to stop taking Norco, please call us today.