Lortab is the brand name for the drug combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen which makes Lortab a Schedule II drug. Lortab is available by prescription only because it is considered as serious a drug as morphine or cocaine which are also Schedule II drugs. A narcotic that is available in pill or liquid form, Lortab can be effective up to 5 ours on a single dose. Lortab is prescribed for pain as an alternative to morphine and is an opiate like heroin. Lortab has gained in popularity over the last 5 years as has other products containing hydrocodone which is quickly becoming a popular drug of abuse.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is a government agency that monitors both legal and illegal drug use and abuse. This agency reports that in 1999 around 4 million people in the United States used prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes. Of all the medications available by far the most popular were pain relievers such as Lortab. Of the millions and millions of people that take prescription medications, most do so successfully and have few problems as a result. However, there are also millions who take prescription drugs for recreation or who have become addicted to the drugs as a result of continuous usage. Very often usage of Lortab starts out legitimate but evolves into a viscous cycle of usage and dependence for non-medical reasons.

These questions are provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as guidelines for identifying a problem-

-Have you ever felt like you needed to take less Lortab or other prescription drugs?
-Have you been bothered by friends or family commenting on you use of Lortab or other prescription drugs?
-Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed about you use of Lortab or other prescription drugs?
-Have you ever used Lortab or other prescription drugs to “calm down” or “get going”?

The mere act of searching for more information about Lortab could be an indicator that you have concerns about continuing to use it. Seeking help for Lortab dependency can be a difficult decision. Questions about what to do about continuing pain and using other prescription drugs often arise. To answer these concerns it is necessary to have a medical assessment and psychological review before beginning a treatment program. It is also helpful to find a treatment program that specializes in prescription drug abuse.

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