Dilaudid is powerful narcotic which means that Dilaudid is only available by prescription. Dilaudid is the brand name for the drug hydromorphone which is milligram to milligram more powerful than morphine. Dilaudid comes in tablet form, syrup than can be taken orally or a solution that can be injected. In the same class as morphine and heroin, Dilaudid is prescribed for severe pain management and is not commonly prescribed because of its side effects including addiction. Dilaudid addiction can consume a person and become an obsession driven by physical dependence.

Scripts recognizes that many people become confused and frustrated when dealing with a problem like Dilaudid dependency. It is difficult sometimes to understand how a prescription for a legitimate pain can get out of control so quickly. The process of physical dependency and tolerance is a universal reaction to drugs and illustrates the importance of strictly sticking to the prescribed dose. Tolerance of Dilaudid happens when the body adapts to the effects of the drug and compensates to find its natural balance. For some individuals, taking Dilaudid for several weeks, the pain experienced can seem to return or even get worse. Since Dilaudid blocks the pain receptors in the brain and spinal column, the fact that pain is felt means the body has chemically adjusted to the reduced pain transmissions and is now more sensitive to pain than ever.

Some individuals take it on themselves to solve this problem by taking one or two more pills than prescribed in order to compensate for renewed pain. Others might take the exact dosage but more frequently than prescribed. In either case, the body is given the opportunity to adjust to these new levels and the problem of physical addiction deepens.

For those prone to addiction, the euphoric effect produced by Dilaudid is a powerful reason to continue the drug. Such non-medical uses reinforce behavior by triggering the brains reward system. Psychological addiction is defined by the obsessive thought on acquiring and taking Dilaudid and/or other prescription medications in order to get high, relieve stress or escape from uncomfortable feelings.

Addiction to Dilaudid and other prescription drugs is recognized has a disease and thus should be treated by a doctor. At the same time, unless new behaviors and thought patterns are established relapse and continued using is likely even after detoxification. Truly Dilaudid addiction is a disease of the mind and body.

That is why Scripts treats both the mind and body in its prescription dependency treatment program. In 2002, Scripts incorporated many years of experience treating alcoholics and addicts into a specialized facility that is strictly dedicated to those who are dependent on prescriptions. On-staff physicians deal directly with the withdrawal symptoms that have so often prevented recovery up to this point. Soon after the body has been detoxified to a sufficient degree, Scriptsr’s licensed counseling staff works with our clients to establish new ways of addressing destructive patterns.

This exclusive treatment takes place in a luxurious beach side residents with spectacular views and peaceful privacy so that our clients may more effectively work on themselves. Room in this program is limited so if you or a loved one thinks that you might benefit from this program we encourage you to call us today.